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Parenting and Educator Workshops

Maureen attended training in Denver, CO with Jim Fay, Foster Cline MD, and Charles Fay PhD, and is an Independent Facilitator of the Parenting the Love and Logic WayTM , Early Childhood Parenting Made FunTM, and 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom® curricula.  Maureen provides Parenting Workshops throughout the year and is available to do private, on-site trainings for schools, organizations, and corporations. 

Parenting the Love and Logic Way  is a 5 week series that offers practical parenting strategies for children from birth through adolescence.  Strategies are offered for issues including:

  • arguing, backtalk, and other disrespectful behaviors
  • sibling fights
  • getting kids to help around the house
  • taking responsibility for schoolwork
  • bedtime battles
  • getting kids out of the house on time
  • getting kids to listen without nagging or threatening
  • raising money-smart kids

The cost is $125 per person or $175 per couple which includes a workbook for each participant.  Workshops are offered throughout the year.  Spring 2019 Greenleaf Flyer.pdf

Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun is a 4 week series that offers strategies for children from birth through age 6, and addresses issues including:

  • potty training
  • behavior in stores and other public locations
  • resistance to getting dressed, eating, and bedtiime

This Workshop is typically offered for private groups.  Contact Maureen if you are interested in scheduling or participating in this Workshop.

9  Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom is an 18 hour series that provides educators and other school personnel with strategies that improve cooperation and motivation in students, including:

  • creating classroom and school environments that stimulate responsible behavior and high levels of academic achievement
  • preventing misbehavior and increasing instructional time on task
  • avoiding power struggles while setting limits with challenging students
  • teaching character and responsibility through the application of logical consequences instead of punishment
  • developing positive, cooperative relationships with even the most difficult students and their parents
  • preserving the learning environment when one or more students become disruptive abd unresponsive to preventative discipline

This Workshop is typically offered for private groups.  Contact Maureen if you are intrested in scheduling or participating in this Workshop.

In addition to offering Workshops, Maureen also offers one session "Special Topics" workshops throughout the year, offering topics including:

  • Introduction to Love and Logic
  • Terrific Toddlers and Precious Preschoolers
  • Teens, Tweens and Technology
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Battling the Schoolwork Blues
  • Parenting the Strong-Willed Child

If you are interested in a specific Workshop or to hire Maureen to speak to your group, school or organization, please contact her for rates and more information at (269) 200-2919.

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